Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What Your Astrologer May Forget to Tell You! Read Your Rising Sign! Not Just Your Sun SIgn.

Here’s another lifting of the veil: it is something Sun sign astrologers don’t always tell you. And it’s important to know if you are reading or listening to just your Sun Sign horoscope-forecast. This is something horoscope readers need to know: It’s not a good idea to follow just your Sun sign forecasthere’s why:

Want it to be more accurate? Find your birth time! That will show you your Rising sign (Ascendant)--you need to read the Rising sign along with your Sun sign to have a good take on your monthly forecast.  In fact, in monthly or yearly horoscopes it’s arguably more accurate and important than your Sun sign.

 Here is an example of that layering we talked about earlier; both the Rising Sign/Ascendant and Sun sign are part of a monthly forecast, but the Ascendant is actually closer to your particular chart, so it’s more “spot on” than the Sun sign! That’s because the generic Sun Sign forecast is created by putting each Sun Sign on the ascendant and then reading where all the planets and aspects are falling in the chart. But it’s generic, and not specific enough. Your Rising Sign, based on the exact moment of your birth, will simply be more accurate than the Sun sign forecast because the transiting planets will fall in their correct houses as if an astrologer had done your chart knowing your correct birth time.

Unfortunately the Sun sign generic forecast is all that astrologers can do for the general public, and it works to a certain extent. However you, or an astrologer who is layering on information bit by bit, can come to much finer results. If you’re going to be doing this “spiritual alchemy” you should refine and distil it and not settle for less than accurate! You can do it—it’s not that hard: simply read the Ascendant/Rising Sign first, then your Sun sign. They both contain helpful information for you to know.

Now if you don’t know your Rising Sign, you can find it by getting your astrology chart for free on-line (like at and they’ll give you your birth chart based on the time, date and place of your birth; that first synchronistic moment in your life; a snapshot of the sky at the moment your Soul chose to be born.

So where on the chart is your rising sign? Here’s how to find it if you have your chart there. Imagine that your birth chart looks like a clock that’s divided into 12 sections. Now to find your Rising sign, look for the sign which is placed at 9:00 o’clock on your clock/chart. That Rising sign is the clue to a more accurate forecast for you because it’s from your own astrology chart—not a generic one for everyone who has the same birth sign and you’ll read that Rising sign horoscope even before you read your Sun sign. Astrology is not a hard science, so there will be differences, but if you ponder both Rising and Sun sign, you can get really good clues for the month or day ahead.

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