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Astrological houses, signs, and planets. Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius

Continuing with the basics! All you need to know to be your own best Astrologer
Fourth House  Describes your home, family, ancestors, mother, and how you see the mythology/story of your life. It begins at the nadir of the chart at 6:00 o’clock. It reflects something about how you nurture others, and how you’ve been nurtured, or not.                                                  

 Ruled by Planet: Moon. The Moon and Sun are luminaries, and not truly planets, but they each rule a house and sign. Just as the Moon is constantly changing shape, so are the people who are ruled by the Moon and moodiness can be observed. Perhaps this is why they treasure their homes and sense of belonging, and like the crab, they can be vulnerable on the inside and tough on the outside. The high expression of Moon energy is nurturance, and the ability to tune into feelings rather than just thoughts alone. They have keen intuition which can be psychic sensitivity as well. The low expression of Cancer is the puer and puella: the words used to describe a boy or girl who choses never to grow up. By self-protecting themselves through lack of the commitment (that would mature them) they can suffer and feel victimized.

Sign: Cancer. Cancer desires to nurture and usually has a strong connection to the mother and the maternal karmic lineage. Money and security is important to them. Cancers have a flair with homes and make good real estate brokers and antique dealers (they have an interest in the past.) One can often see what the Cancer is experiencing by looking at their face—they make good actors, and they are also the people to turn to when you need help or nurturance.

Fifth House:  Describes your self-expression and creativity, as well as love affairs and children. It relates to how you ‘play’ and how you ‘follow your bliss’ as Joseph Campbell wrote about. It begins at five o’clock on your chart, and keyword is “I create”. Keyword: “I create”

Ruled by Planet:  The Sun. When looking at the role of the Sun in your birth chart, or transiting chart, think of it as You: your essential identity. And this solar ego container is based in part, on the personality you’ve created, so know where you stand, what values you stand for, and know what gives you energy so you can be strong. When the Sun is involved you are the hero/heroine of your story, but don’t let it blind you--resist the seduction to blind insensitivity or arrogance. The High expression is what Jungians call “Individuation” that is, becoming all that you are called to be…and the low expression would be to not achieve this, but instead to to live a life based on other’s expectations of you.

Sign: Leo. This “luminary” is related to the archetypes the King/Queen/Aristocrat, the child/clown, and the Performer. Leos come into this life to be seen and accepted, and to feel the joy of giving and receiving love. Leo needs to risk being real, unique, and self-expressive and avoid superficial people pleasing. Leo’s need for expression is powerful; Leo is called to leave its stamp on the world in a tangible way. Creativity, pleasure, and heart-fullness are all intertwined in this sign.

 Sixth House : Describes your skillfulness, your health, the way you work with co-workers, and how you feel about service. It also relates to mentoring and being mentoring as well as uncles and aunts. It begins at 4:00 o’clock on your chart, and its keyword is ‘I serve.’

Ruled by Planet: Mercury. This is the earthy practical side of Mercury. The high expression of Mercury is clear vision followed by action—also the ability to keep learning as well as teaching or mentoring. The low expression is not keeping the mind open; thinking that one is right all the time, and an unconscious deceitfulness.  

Sign: Virgo. This earth sign relates to the archetypes of the servant/helper, the perfectionist, and the analyst. Becoming skillful and achieving a degree of excellence in what interests Virgo is important, because Virgo, like the “Virgin who is one unto herself” can see the ideal and is willing to work for it. For the first time in the evolution of the signs, we see a capacity for self-sacrifice, but the Virgin’s perfectionism must be tempered by self-acceptance and self-love.

Seventh House:  Describes the area of partnership and one-on-one relationships. It also relates to agreements between people and the changing of agreements…which is why it can relate to enemies as well. Its keyword: “I relate.”

Ruled by Planet:  Venus. This is Venus in her relational aspect, trusting and forming alliances. The high expression of Venus is peace, love, beauty, and trust. What could be better: But the low expression of Venus can be manipulation, indecision, conning of one’s self and others, laziness, and self-indulgence. Venus rules both Taurus and Libra, and in the Seventh house context we can see the image of Libra as the goddess Athena with her balancing scales, and in Taurus she leans more towards the goddess Aphrodite—however, there is a bit of each in both signs.

Sign: Libra. Serenity is the goal of Libra, and holding the balance and tension of the opposites. Learning about “right relationships” is one of the main tasks of Libra. Libra can be like an iron hand in a velvet glove; hiding their incredible strength behind a poised and gentle appearance. Gifted with keen intellect and a tolerance for paradox and ambiguity, Libra is called to act out the archetypes of lover, peacemaker, and artist.

Eighth House: Describes the experience of death/rebirth, sexuality and intimacy, other people’s values and money, and all that is hidden. It’s keyword is “I transform.”

Ruled by Planet: Pluto. This is the realm of personal transformation and transitions through the toughest of life’s passages. When we encounter this “Lord of the Underworld” we are often required to surrender our personal power to a higher power and trust that life is unfolding as it should. The highest expression of Pluto is a regeneration and rebuilding of what we have outgrown and a renewal of ourselves. The lower expression of Pluto is a cynical attitude that say’s: is this all there is to life? A low expression of Pluto is cheating, hiding, not playing by the rules, and letting our basest instincts overpower us. 

Sign: Scorpio. Scorpio’s want to know the bottom line Truth, and they’re willing to “go for it.” Yet Scorpio can dwell in the drama and trauma of life too easily, and needs to find its power in a more objective and spiritual attitude. The Scorpio nature feels its way through life, fearing emotional dependence, and secretly trying to protect its own vulnerability and sensitivity. Psychologist, shaman, and detective, Scorpio’s look “under the covers” for the source of all motivations, and   can be drawn towards too much brooding and introspection, and needs to remember that like the archetypal Phoenix, it will always rise again to a new life.

Ninth House: Describes the area of philosophy, teaching, travel, and the law. It governs the realm of the “higher mind” and all the study, travel, and contact with other cultures that broaden our mind. Its keyword: “I believe.”

Ruled by Planet: Jupiter. This is the planet of grace, opportunity, expansion, luck, pomposity and self-importance. This large planet in our charts also speaks to the tendency to over-do, but when acting in its highest expression it can be a benevolent agent for goodness, as well as a fine teacher and storyteller. In its lower expression Jupiter “over-estimates and over-does” and in its arrogance loses the grace, opportunity and luck that could come naturally to it.

Sign:  There’s a bit of the scholar, gypsy, and philosopher in Sagittarius, and your beliefs are the cornerstone and rudder of your life. Sagittarius is a sign that also needs to learn to be discerning, tactful, and avoid the “foot in mouth” disease that is common with this sign. Fiery Sagittarius is generally good humored, optimistic, and adventurous, and needs the freedom to travel, to read, and to explore the diversity and meaning of life. “Getting fenced in” or over-committed too early in life doesn’t work well for this sign.
To be continued, for last 3 houses, signs, and planets...then putting it all together and in perspective....

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