Sunday, November 10, 2013

Part One: “The Technique of Linking Houses, Signs and Planets”

This technique is a powerful and easy to remember method of learning the core structure of astrology. By using the correlations of the “natural zodiac” by starting with Aries Rising, you’ll not only see the core meanings of the houses, signs, and planets, but we’ll go beyond that to see their intentional, positive expression. Because houses, signs and planets are all related, this is a great way to learn their meanings, and then to resolve to get the best out of each, and to avoid the pull of their negative seductions. This is what is called the natural zodiac, and once you understand this you can put the pieces together in your own chart. (Only people with Aries Rising on the ascendant have the natural zodiac, the rest of us do not. We each have different rising signs based on our birth time, however the meanings of each house, sign and ruler are still correct.)

The clue here is to see how putting the highest expression of each planet and sign can be activated, while being aware of the pitfalls of the lower expression, the shadow.

Here’s where the magic begins; when you know what the range of possibilities are, you can make the intention to ‘give to the gods’ what they want, thereby setting yourself up to be in the best alignment with your chart. You’ll be in the Tao of your life.
So here are the relationships between the houses, planets, and signs:

First House: Describes you and how others see you. It starts at the ascendant (at 9:00 o’clock on your chart) and planets placed here influence your style and way of being in the world. Keyword: I am.

Ruled by: Planet Mars. Mars is the active, Yang, assertive quality we all have…it wants expression in the world! It wants to be your inner warrior and to rightfully defend or claim what is yours. It’s highest expression is having the Courage to act despite fears, and the lowest is whining or raging about what is wrong in your life, and ultimately being like the Lion in the Wizard of Oz; a coward.

Sign: Aries. This firey sign always has similar qualities to its ruler, and the key word for Aries is courage; it’s about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. In the Tarot deck, Aries would be the very first card, where we see the young man starting off on his journey. Aries is an enthusiastic starter of projects and needs to learn to keep up its strength and persistence. Brilliant and naïve at times, Aries doesn’t like to back down from a challenge of wits or strength. When the noble knight of Aries doesn’t tackle the project or challenge, it can become bitter, sad, or occasionally vengeful. Aries needs to push up against all obstacles and define themselves in the world, and most of all, in their own eyes.


Second House: Describes how you feel about your resources, your values, and your money. It starts at 8:00 o’clock on your chart. This house reflects our feelings about our self-worth. Keyword: “I have”.

 Ruled by Planet: Venus. Venus is our relationship style, the inner feminine, and relates to our ability to receive and connect. Venus desires security, serenity and beauty, and therefore is also related to money and our style of gaining money and serenity. Venus is earthy and is nurtured by nature and music, and loves the loyalty of friends. Its highest expression is to make real and tangible all that it loves. Its lowest expression is to lose serenity through drama and complexity, and to retreat into mind-numbing activities.

Sign: Taurus. This earth sign can bore itself to death unless it chooses to imaginatively change its persistent stubbornness and allow in the new. Taurus wants ‘to have’ in that it wants to know what it likes, what it stands for, and who it is. It wants a stable environment where it feels at home; and who doesn’t? But Taurus deeply needs to be grounded, and from that position it can come out of its self-made cocoon and emerge into it’s pure nature and nurture others with its many resources. 


Third House: Describes your communication style, your mind, and siblings. It starts at 7:00 o’clock on your chart. This house reflects your feelings about going into the world and connecting with others, and sharing that information. Here’s where you are a bridge maker and connector.

Ruled by Planet: Mercury. This is the planet of communication, and can be the part of us that is the teacher, the story-teller, or the journalist. Mercury can be a trickster as well, and in mythology it’s sometimes seen as flighty, curious and unpredictable. Its high expression is to connect and help the rest of us share who our knowledge and wisdom with others. Its lower expression is a superficial knowledge of many things, and a narrow viewpoint on life.

Sign: Gemini. This air sign likes to penetrate mystery and hates to be bored. Gemini is curious, and is born to perceive all that is happening and to hold the paradoxes of life without a judgmental attitude. Gemini is born to master the art of speaking…and listening. The minds of Gemini’s are so active that they need physical release so that the psychic tension doesn’t overflow into its nervous system. Commitment to one person or activity can be hard for Gemini unless there is enough action and variety to keep the curious Gemini vibrant.
(To be continued....)

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