Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Part Two: What's beneath the veil in the astrologer's art?

The psychologist, Carl Jung  once said that we can often endure what we feel to be almost "the unendurable". He believed that our center can hold, particularly if we chose to wait and hold the tension of the opposites in our psyche, till an answer rises up by itself…what he called the “third way.” Synchronistic moments often point to this third way if we can hear their message.

And....Jungian astrologers often sense that our unconscious sets up situations and scenarios that fit into what we’re currently telling our Self about our life story.  So if you don’t know your inner patterns and shadow tendencies, then you’re more likely to sabotage yourself or to allow someone else to do that to you. Pondering your astrological chart can help you with that inner self knowledge or you can go to an astrologer or an analyst for help. This blog is to help you gain some insights into the inner workings of your Self, simply by pondering the symbolism in your chart. Not easy, but perhaps easier than you may think. And perhaps that's part of what astrologer's don't tell you--you can do it yourself.

For some, this might sound too intense to do alone, and perhaps it is. Astrology readings have many advantages besides the "insights" and most "readings" leave clients feeling good and validated for their choices. And they’ll leave with questions to think about…such as, what part of me has contributed to what is happening now or may have wanted or feared it? But the astrological forecast shows times of clearing and new openings and possibilities --what’s Jupiter doing? What’s Uranus doing? And so the session usually ends with a satisfying sense that there’s a synchronicity between the client’s life and their chart, and most of all—they have choices of what to do, even if it's just waiting for the "third" way to appear while holding the tension of the opposites.

 So….what happens in an astrology reading is that a sense of possibilities emerges, for example, you might have transiting planets to your Venus in the 7th house of relationships that could show a cooling down of affection (Saturn) or a need for more space/freedom (Uranus) or a confusion or betrayal (Neptune).  And the astrologer will mention these as possibilities, but what matters most is the choices based on this Self-knowing: by honest delving into the story/questions, and asking such such things as: Do you really want this relationship or job? Or are you just doing it because…? Are you stuck between a rock and a hard place and need to endure it?

And....we look at the backstory and the larger story through the most important part of the chart: the North and South Nodes, while still looking at the whole chart as being karmic. We look closely at what’s happening now and in the near future so that they can be clear and more empowered in their choices.

But you can do this too! Astrology teaches that life has patterns and is not a random sequence of events, but that all is interrelated and meaningful. We may not be able to see it at first, and we’re not denying that Great Mysteries do exist and we don’t know what the Soul’s intention is for this life. But evolutionary astrologers believe in reincarnation and that we have more than one chance to get it right.  Astrologers believe life has meaning, and hints of it are in the map of the psyche: the chart.

So, what does that mean for us in this book? I want to help you know how to find the indications to make the most out of the auspicious times and how to ride through the tough times. Is it a challenge or a brick wall? Can I go over it, around it, or must I stop? “This too will pass” we say as we see the astrological climate changing. We know that no transit happens before its time.

Astrology is a means for empowerment and it can be used as a spiritual and healing practice. I want to share with you what makes astrology work and how you can do it yourself.  Let’s begin.

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